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Birth of a Survivalist

December 9, 2014
I can feel every drip of water as it soaks my pant leg. No matter how I move I can’t escape it. I am cramped in a tiny space virtually stacked on top of my teammates as all seven of us try to fit in an inadequately sized lean to shelter to escape...Read More

Current Television Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Authors On The Air Books on...Read More

Naked and Afraid
Go behind-the-scenes with the Naked and Afraid survivalists as they share all the details about surviving naked for 21 days. Check in every Sunday night following new episodes of Naked and Afraid for the cast’s post-challenge Naked...Read More

If you missed it in your time zone, check out the Discovery Channel for a...Read More

“Naked & Afraid” survivalists Phaedra Brothers and Hakim Isler join us to share their struggles and secrets to surviving on Discovery’s hit show, which puts two strangers in the wilderness for 21 days without clothes, food or...Read More

Hakim Isler’s friends call him “the Black MacGyver.” Isler says it’s a nod to his inventive personality and ability to think outside the box. Those qualities served Isler well during his stint on “Naked and...Read More

Art of Ninjanuity

April 21, 2014
The Ninja has one rule; one driving force; one reason for existence. That reason is to “Never Quit!” The word Ninja actually means “a person – (Ja),” “that endures – (Nin)”. People have come to know the term as meaning...Read More

The Shadow of Brightness

April 18, 2014
Every night, when I let my dog out, I am attacked by a swarm of moths, mosquitoes and other creepy, winged pest that are drawn to the light at night. For this reason, I dread opening my back door at...Read More

Be the Ninja

April 14, 2014
Over the last few years I have talked to several of my fellow Ninjutsu practitioners who have become frustrated with their studies in the ninja art. For one reason or another, they feel they are missing something in their training...Read More

Don’t lie to yourself, position yourself!” was said to me and several other Jiu-Jitsu practitioners by a famous Jiu-Jitsu legend, as we attended his seminar. He used this statement as a way to say, “Give true and good energy while...Read More

Often in our lives, we will experience moments of hardship, uncertainty and fear. These three things can often be viewed as obstacles. Obstacles can keep us from achieving certain goals in our lives. Elevo Dynamics is a place that teaches...Read More