The C.O.B.B

(Combat Operators Batle Blade)

The C.O.B.B. is a truly multifunctional blade. It’s design encompasses the Besh Wedge which removes the possibility of breaking the point of your knife, while keeping a geometrically sound point for wedging and stabbing. In conjunction with the removable Dragon’s Talon (the acquisition and retention hook) end this full tang blade can be quick drawn and retained during various uses and engagements.

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TENGU ONO (Forest Demon Axe)

Takes its name from the Japanese mythical half man, half bird goblin that lived in the forest and taught secret skills to wilderness people, enhancing methods of survival under extreme adverse conditions. Although the term, “Demon” has a negative connotation in American culture. In the Japanese culture there were good demons and bad ones. Good demons protected you from their darker counter parts.

The Design of the axe is unique in many ways. The most obvious is that it has a “D” shaped head referred to as the Grip Loop. This loop allows for fine control of the Axe for skinning, sawing and extreme close combat.

The top of the Axe is used for sawing through small pieces of wood when you need a fine cut.

The hole puncher on the back allow the user to make precise hole in cans or other objects for draining, filtering, etc.

The Snag hook allows the user to snag and pull logs over for inspection without having to risk bites or stings to the hand. It also assists in pulling branches down to a reachable level.

The handle is full tang covered with G-10 non-porous and easy to grip material.

Within the Handle is a flint rod that can be removed and used in conjunction with the blade to spark a flame.

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The Apocalypse Survivor Machete

The Apocalypse Survivor Machete

The steel is 80crv2 High Carbon.

The blade is 11.5″ long and powder coated flat black.

Thickness is a full 1/4″ handle material is made from OD Green G-10 with red liner.

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