Be the Ninja

April 14, 2014

Over the last few years I have talked to several of my fellow Ninjutsu practitioners who have become frustrated with their studies in the ninja art. For one reason or another, they feel they are missing something in their training and consider leaving behind the study of our amazing art.

It is always a shock to me to hear this – not so much from the newer Ninjutsu practitioners, but from some who have been in it for years. Don’t get me wrong, people are supposed to grow and change, and maybe they just outgrow their desire to study modern Ninjutsu as a self-protection method.

Years Ago, Even I Was Not ImmuneTo Complacency In Ninjutsu…
Even I had a similar experience when I was just in my second year of studying the art; however, after making it over that hump in my road, I realize now, 9 years later, that the true issue was that I felt the art – or someone in it – owed me something.

I felt that I needed something special to make my experience better and missed the entire point, altogether.

The journey is the destination in Ninjutsu…


In my instance, I wanted my teachers Mr and Mrs. Hayes to give me specific specialized training. Mrs. Hayes’s response was, “Remember why you came here.” First, I did not understand and I almost left Ninjutsu for good. Lucky for me, after a month of meditating on that phrase I got my answer.

I had left my friends and family in New Jersey and moved 600 miles to Ohio just to study Ninjutsu with my teacher. The reason that I did this was because Ninjutsu, as an art for self-protection and personal development and growth, had everything I felt a true warrior needed.

Now, years later, this did not suddenly change.

Here Is What I Think Happens To People Who Study Ninjutsu For A While…
In my opinion, people forget that Ninjutsu translates into the “Art of Perseverance; Endurance; Stealth; Success.”

Traditionally, ninja had to be proficient in 18 methods of study which were to help the ninja survive and succeed against the odds; furthermore, if what the ninja needed was something not encompassed in these 18 methods, then he or she would simply go out and get it.

No one can accomplish success if he or she does not have the knowledge to apply it to their particular situation.

Today, this is no different. I believe this is the greatest lesson of Ninjutsu. The name does not translate into a collection of techniques to find out who can throw the fastest punch, choke out the most people, or hide from others the best.

Ninjutsu is the Art of Success. Thus, the truth is that seeking, receiving and applying Be The Ninja – 2what you need to be successful is true Ninjutsu.


Too often, I hear practitioners saying that they aren’t getting from Ninjutsu what they need, and I challenge them with this: You are not growing in Ninjutsu. The point of Ninjutsu is NOT to overcome another human being. The goal is to become the best YOU possible!

Ninjutsu is designed to force you to dig deep and find out what is inside of you!

Whatever You Are Missing Is Actually Your Training: It’s Your Job To Learn How To Find What You Need In Order To Grow

Be-The-Ninja-3-300x234If something is missing from your Ninjutsu training, then you need to go and get it. Next time you doubt your study or your teacher, remember no man knows all the answers. Ninjutsu takes this into account and tells you to be the change you want to see.

Don’t forget that getting what we need to feel accomplished and successful is one of the goals of the ninja. The challenge is to NOT get it and keep it to ourselves. Others in our circle may be able to benefit from it.

They may be looking for that which you have sought. This is why Ninjutsu has survived and grown over the ages. My teacher did it, his teacher did it, I will do it, and you should, too!

Be the Change you want; be the growth we need.

Be the Ninja.