Hakim Isler is the founder of Elevo Dynamics, which houses his greatest creation, a 24 hour family gym and martial arts facility referred to as the DOJYM (doh-gym). He has been involved in the martial arts for 28 years and the security field for 14 years. Hakim is a veteran of the Iraq war and an ex-member of the Army Special Operations community, where he received Arabic language training, survival training, evasion training, paratrooper training, etc. He holds a 4th degree black belt (Yandan) in To-Shin Do (modern Ninjutsu), as taught by world-renowned author and Black Belt Hall of Fame member Stephen K. Hayes. Through this New Century Ninjutsu he has learned an array of skills such as:

• Warrior philosophy
• Warrior Spirit Enhancement
• Psychological Combat
• Wilderness Survival and Tactics
• Stick combat (bat, cane, etc.)
• Knife combat write my essay for cheap
• Flexible weapons (chains, ropes, etc.)
• Traditional weapons (Sword, spear, staff, etc.)
• Empty hand Combat
• Grappling (standing & on the ground)
• Locks & joint manipulation
• Hakim is also a Level 3 Certified FCS Kali and Black Tiger Kali practitioner.

He has also studied American Jiu Jitsu and Gracie Barra Jiu Jitsu. Hakim has served as a board member of Rape Crisis Volunteers of Cumberland County. He has served as a continuing education instructor of Defensive Tactics at Fayetteville Technical Community College. He is an honors graduate and Certified Protection Specialist (Body Guard) through Executive Security International (ESI), where he completed over 600 study hours and practical training in principles of protection, human behavior, profiles of terrorism, counter surveillance, covert security, electronic security, bomb search and identification, etc. He is also a co-founder of Spirit Quest, a non-profit organization aimed at assisting at-risk youth. Hakim is a published author of “I Choose to Act”, a women’s self-defense book and “Modern Hand to Hand Combat”, a book (and DVD) on military and special teams combat tactics and philosophy based on ancient Ninja and Samurai concepts of fighting while in armor. Additionally, Hakim has developed and instructed three curriculums: Assailant Countering Tactics (A.C.T.), a women’s self-defense system which he has taught at community colleges and Rape Crisis organizations; Battlefield Proximity Combat (B.P.C.), a military and special teams combative system which he has taught to multiple military, special response teams, and emergency rescue teams; and Hands on Subject Strategies (H.O.S.S.), a law enforcement tactics course which he has taught to more than 400 law enforcement officers and sheriff deputies. Hakim has designed and created various tools and weapons for combat and survival. He holds several patents and trademarks. Hakim is a Battling Ropes instructor and also a NRA basic pistol and “Personal Protection in the Home” instructor. He is currently certified in wilderness First Aid. Hakim also appeared on the Discovery Channel’s “Unsolved History” with his teacher Stephen K. Hayes in an episode about the Ninja, in addition to several internationally distributed martial arts instructional videos.

Because of his extensive background in a variety of cutsom essay uk disciplines, his inventive personality and out of the box problem solving, Hakim has been nicknamed the Black MacGyver by his colleagues. In addition, his skill set and method has been named Ninjanuity.