Art of Ninjanuity

April 21, 2014


The Ninja has one rule; one driving force; one reason for existence. That reason is to “Never Quit!” The word Ninja actually means “a person – (Ja),” “that endures – (Nin)”. People have come to know the term as meaning “stealth.” This is indeed another meaning of the word but it is not in the way that people understand it. People imagine a person, clothed in black, running around at night hiding from the enemy in the shadows. However, this is not the essence of the meaning behind the stealth. On the contrary, stealth refers to the Ninja’s ability to both avoid danger and to find ways to endure and overcome danger if it enters their life. The Ninja does this, not through opposition, but through adaptation and change.

The Ninja would morph into what was needed for the time. The stealth does not refer to basic camouflage; it refers to invisibility based on a lack of proper identification. The enemy thinks he is looking at a patch of grass when instead he is looking at a man in a gully suit (camouflage suit). It is the state of who you become that eludes the danger or obstacles that seek to disrupt your life. The situation loses sight of you because you have adapted. This concept is where Ninjanuity comes in.

The ability to use strategy, experience, knowledge and connections to overcome weakness and danger is Ninjanuity. Adaptation in mind, body and spirit. Create what you need to render helpless the obstacles that interrupt your beautiful life. Whether people or situations, you create success where failure seems like the only way. There is no limit to your inventiveness and cunning because you engineer what you need. However, more than ingenuity you have Ninjanuity because you don’t just invent, you become!